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About Cassandra Mack

In 2014 Cassandra Mack had a vision of bringing women together from all backgrounds, cultures and all walks of life to come together in sisterhood, faith, fun and fellowship and in 2014 she brought her vision to life by launching her Grab A Girlfriend & Go Walk, an annual walk created just for women who want to take a morning for themselves to connect with positive like-minded women as they invest in their own self care and heartfelt dreams.

As women, we spend nearly 75% of our lives taking care of others; often at the expense of our needs, goals and dreams. As a result we tend to put ourselves on the bottom of our to-do-list and we become more prone to stress, burnout, emotional exhaustion, and even feelings of depression because of this. Given the reality that women overwhelmingly put everyone else ahead of themselves, Cassandra Mack, launched the Grab A Girlfriend & Go Walk, for women of all ages and stages to come together to do something special for themselves, walk into their next season of purpose and learn to make themselves more of a priority... since you only get one life to live. When we as women make our own happiness and well-being more of a priority, we are better able to show up for those who depend on us and we are better able to focus on our primary priorities from a place of wellbeing rather than the realm of overwhelm.

Cassandra Mack, MSW is a trained social worker, corporate trainer, life coach and ordained minister who has authored more than 10 personal growth books that are widely used in faith-based organizations, schools, youth based organizations and the non-profit sector. 

Cassandra Mack is the CVO of Strategies For Empowered Living Inc., a New York based Training & Developmental company that she founded in December of 2000 that helps organizations and individuals build capacity, facilitate success and unlock potential through coaching, workshops, books and online events . Click on the following link for more information about Cassandra Mack's company Strategies For Empowered Living Inc.  Click on the Amazon Link for Cassandra Mack's Books.

In 2016 Cassandra Mack stepped into her higher calling and started Cassandra Mack Ministries a global Christian ministry that utilizes social media, telephone conference calls, books and live events to share Bible based principles to help people of faith navigate the issues of life with wisdom, resilience and grace. Every Sunday she hosts a CHURCH BY PHONE, a church service that you can participate in by telephone.