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About The Virtual Walk

Welcome! On Saturday, September 26, 2020 Cassandra Mack is hosting her 6th Annual Grab A Girlfriend & Go Walk, a walk created to bring women from all walks of life together in faith, fun & fellowship …But This Year The Walk will Be Done Remotely – Meaning you can walk in your City to and from the location of your choosing, but we will be walking on the same day at the same time.

There's no question that 2020 has been a year of unprecedented change and uncertainty. We can officially call 2020 the year of the new normal ....and with the advent of COVID-19 and the issues that have ensued because of it; a lot of us are feeling unusually stressed, sad, isolated or overwhelmed. This is why this walk is more important now more than ever. It's about creating solidarity and community even though we're not able to physically gather in the same way. The theme for this year's walk is ...Taking Your Life Back!!! COVID-19 has changed a lot about our lives but the one thing it cannot take is YOUR INNER WORLD ...Your thoughts, goals, dreams, ideas, the love you have to give, your purpose, your kindness, your compassion, your vision for the future, and how you elect to show up for life mentally, spiritually & emotionally. 

We hope you'll participate in Cassandra Mack’s Grab A Girlfriend & Go Take Your Life Back Virtual Walk from wherever you are on Saturday, September 26, 2020. The walking is real —it's the community that's virtual.

If you’ve participated in Cassandra Mack’s Grab A Girlfriend & Go Annual Walk before you’re probably accustomed to everyone physically gathering in Manhattan, New York City to walk together in faith, fun & fellowship. This year we will still be walking on the same date at the same time in sisterhood & solidarity but the difference this year will be that you can walk from any location of your choosing. With our virtual walk, you pick where you walk and who you walk with.

Here’s everything you need to know to participate in the walk!

Cassandra Mack’s Grab A Girlfriend & Go Virtual Walk, will be a guided virtual walk where Cassandra Mack will guide participants through some simple self-care mental wellbeing activities via live video,... On the day of the walk, the video will stream live on Instagram so make sure to follow Cassandra Mack on Instagram @TheCassandraMack.

The video of the walk will also be uploaded on Cassandra Mack’s YouTube Channel. However, in order to participate with Cassandra live you’ll need to follow Cassandra Mack on Instagram so that you can get the notification for when she goes live. The live video will air on Saturday, September 26, 2020 from New York City in the morning (Eastern Standard Time). The start time will be posted at least two weeks before the event.  Cassandra Mack will be inviting IG viewers to join the live to say hi from their city & state, so make sure you are wearing your  Grab A Girlfriend & Go T-shirt if you would like to be invited to join the live.

The virtual walk is free. And we’ve got some really cool swag available for purchase to get you pumped up for the event at the following link: Cassandra Mack's Inspirational Apparel & Beverage Mugs

Participating & Sharing Your Walking Journey Online Is Completely Free.

1. Save the date – Saturday, September 26, 2020

2. Get your Grab A Girlfriend & Go T-shirt at the following link and wear it proudly. We’ll be sharing photos on our social media that day, and hope you will too. Use the hashtags #GrabAGirlfriendAndGo #CassandraMack when you share your photos and or videos of you walking on September 26, 2020. We’ll be excited to hear about where you are walking and why you are walking. Don’t forget to let us know what city and state you’re in.

3. We’ve Got Some Cool Virtual Walk Swag For You.
 ...What’s a walk - without some swag? You can pick up the T-shirt, Face Mask & beverage mug to show some love. There are a limited number of these premium items available, so make sure to order asap from our Teespring Store!

4. Share your “Why I Am Walking With Cassandra Mack” story with us by posting on your social media with the hashtags: #CassandraMack #GrabAGirlfriendAndGo. We would love to hear about your personal journey. Share your personal journey here.

5. On the day of the event, you can walk with a friend, a group (make sure to walk safely & practice social distancing) or you can walk by with yourself. You can walk to any location of your choosing – a trail, a nearby park, a mall, a supermarket, your local library, your beauty salon, your place of worship, you can walk around the block, you can walk in your home by walking in place or on a treadmill. Be creative in choosing your walking location.

6. Wear your T-shirt. If you are walking with others encourage everyone who is walking with you to get the t-shirt. Wearing the t-shirt is a great way to look more like a team.

Why Should You Participate In This Walk?
Walking is good for your mind, body & spirit. Walking is a great way to move your body. But you might also walk for other reasons, like to catch up with a friend or to explore a landmark you’ve always wanted to explore or to go to a serene place where you can clear your head & take in the beauty of nature.

How To Participate

1. Choose your course that you will walk in your area 

2. Mark the date on your calendar - Saturday, September 26, 2020 

3. Post about your choice to walk with Cassandra Mack on your social media with the hashtags #GrabAGirlfriendAndGo #CassandraMack 

4. Make sure to follow Cassandra Mack on Instagram. Subscribe to her YouTube Channel. Join her Cassandra Mack Ministries Facebook Group.
    Stay connected to Cassandra Mack's online community through social media so that you can connect with other participants from around the globe—and maybe make a few new friends.

5. Cassandra Mack will be doing 3 Instagram Lives leading up to the walk to encourage participants to start taking their lives back. So make sure to follow her on Instagram so that you don't miss out. 

6. Tell a friend about the walk and walk together.

  • When you enter your email on this site, you'll be automatically signed up for the 25 days of Taking Your Life Back Challenge which will kick-off on September 1, 2020 where you'll receive a daily tip from Cassandra Mack via email during the month of September to help you start taking your life back.

  • If you do not have a copy of Cassandra Mack's book, Grab A Girlfriend & Go Take Your Life Back, purchase a copy at Amazon.com so that you'll have all of the tools and supporting information to get the absolute most from this challenge.